Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our Little Garden

When we lived in Beresford we decided one of our first few years there that we would love to have a garden and grow tomatoes and peppers to make our own salsa. Dominic came up with this great idea to put garden plots between our 2 detached garages. They were awesome and we used them year after year.

We moved to Marshall in mid-June so the first year we didn't have time to get anything going. Last year Dominic was feeling the pressure of starting a business so it really wasn't something either of us were ready for. But this year I really just wanted even a couple of tomato plants, even if they were in pots on the porch.

We have a big yard now, but it is odd shaped and we weren't sure where to put a garden.  There is this empty lot behind our house that "belongs" to a home on Main street that is (from what we can see) abandoned. The owner doesn't live in town, doesn't take care of the lot and it is over grown with weeds.

We had talked with several of our neighbors and they all expressed interest in a possible "community garden" in that back lot, if we could get permission from the owner.  Dominic has taken every measure possible to locate this individual and offer to mow the lot in exchange for use of a portion for a garden....but we can't find him or reach him.

We'd even like to look at buying that portion of land, it isn't very much, and then we know it would be well taken care of...but since that doesn't seem like an option now we had to come up with a different plan.

So I thought we could do it right at the farthest portion of the lot line, by our rhubarb patch...but when the electrical line locator people came out, they confirmed what I had feared...that lines are buried right where we wanted to dig.

So, at least for this year, we are going small. We found a small space behind a big pine tree that gets lots of light and set to clearing a spot. We got a tiller to use...but it wouldn't start for us :( so we had to dig by hand...and foot...which means Dominic may not be able to walk tomorrow (please pray for him!!)

The plants are a little closer together than they should be...but I think they will be fine. We bought 1 of each of the different kinds of tomato plants that Wal-mart had and then some jalapenos, red bell, yellow bell and orange bell peppers.

While it isn't quite what we had hoped for we are both excited to see how this little garden grows!

Oh and I had already started some of the pepper plants in some old hanging baskets we those 3 will just stay on our back porch area!

Do you plant a garden each year? And if so what do you grow?? I have dreams of lettuce, beans, cucumbers and asparagus someday....a girl can dream can't she?! :)


Rachel Lundy said...

Hi Kristin! That's great that you have a little garden! I hope that someday you'll be able to find the owners of the lot behind you. It looks like the perfect place for a garden.

We just worked in our garden today. We have tomatoes, okra, kale, green beans, carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, dill, and zucchini. Oh, and rhubarb if that counts. I love having a garden. Okra and kale are my favorites!

Sarah said...

Awesome! I am hoping we can get our act together next year and do this! I hope it works out well for you!

Margie said...

I finally have a nice garden and I think I've kind of mastered how to plant things (I learn by trial and error because I'm too stubborn & busy to read!!) sheesh!

This year:

7 red leaf lettuce (one died)
7 cabbage (one died)
8 romaine
9 spinach
10 tomato plants
1 red onion
2 spanish onions
4 spaghetti squash
8 cukes
8 zucchini
8 cilantro
8 basil
4 parsely
2 chives

I love it. It's weird because I plant cukes and herbs where most people would plant flowers... but whatever :) I like it!!

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