Meet Our Family

Welcome friends to the Smith Family Journey!
Here we are in all our glory! :)  While you are here I want to take some time and share a little bit about my family. I happen to think that the 5 people I am going to "introduce" you to are pretty amazing!

First - of course - is my husband Dominic
Dominic and I have been married 15 years! But I first fell "in like" with him when we were in 10th grade Driver's Ed class together. Separated for several years by different schools and college we met again on the campus of USD during our sophomore year. Now many years later we are raising our family together!

Dominic is a hard working man and spending his daytime learning about and assisting clients with their Estate Planning needs. A change after 9 years of Social Security law and one that brought us here to Minnesota this past year!

Dominic has become quite the handyman in our home tackling several projects recently. He loves to spend time with his family and playing wrestling with his boys - or Karlena you are going to be the toughest little girl on the block! :)

Dominic is an example of grace to me and although we have walked through difficult times we have both come out better for the journey with renewed hearts and focus on God's will for our lives. He is my best friend and I can't imagine spending life without him by my side!

Meet Isaac!
Isaac is our 14 (almost 15 yr old) firstborn son.

Isaac started high school this fall and in a new school/community to boot. He is kind and compassionate and funny all wrapped into one.

He is an excellent student and makes this mama proud. He likes to take things apart and try and put them back together again. Whenever he has the chance he is finding new ways to use something differently than it was initially intended.

Isaac's most memorable experience has been going to Haiti with his grandpa for a mission trip - something that he hopes to be able to do again someday!

Every day I am reminded about how many reasons I have to be thankful for having a son like Isaac - we are so lucky to have you!

Now son #2 - Gabriel!
Gabriel just turned 8 this past week and is a 2nd grader! He is in accelerated math and loves to practice the challenge spelling words for his test each week.

Gabriel loves to read, play his Ipod (Angry Birds) and play with his friends.  He adores his sister Karlena, loves going to school and always follows the rules!

Gabriel doesn't think God gave him a voice for singing :) just for talking and he does A LOT of that! Gabriel always has something to say, or question and is always trying to understand the world around him.

Gabriel has grown and changed so much in the past several years and we are always hearing that he has such enthusiasm for life. Yes he does and we are blessed because of it!

Hello Elijah - son #3!
Oh this face says so much doesn't it?!

Elijah is our almost 2 1/2 yr old. And ball of energy is the best way to describe him!

Elijah doesn't like to be at rest, sleeps a minimal amount at night and is a morning person like his mama! He has more expressions than I can count and makes me laugh daily because of them.

He loves Little Einsteins movies, playing with pretend power tools and trains. He also loves to play with his friends and has developed a pretty substantial vocobulary over the past year.

He repeats EVERYTHING he hears and is the mirror to our lives! :) He is happy and spirited and every bit "my Elijah".

And last but certaintly not least - our sweet and only daughter Karlena!
Named after my best and very missed friend - Karlena is every bit adorably girl as she can be.

Born with a soft disposition from the start, she is our first child to mostly avoid colic, sleep in a crib and sleep through the night!

Karlena always has a smile for me when she sees me and loves to laugh at the funny things her brothers and daddy do.

At 10 months she is literally a step away from walking and is into everything. She has some fast and furious brothers to keep up with and she plans on doing it!

As much as I have loved raising boys, I have always wanted a daughter that I could do "girl" things with. Karlena has had all of our hearts from the moment she joined our family!

The Smith Family Journey

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