Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fun in the Pool

We are having a really lazy day today. We drove to Sioux Falls yesterday for a family wedding and had planned on staying through Sunday but our plans changed last minute and we ended up driving home really late last night. We didn't get home until after 12:30am and poor Karlena was so messed up with her sleep that she wouldn't go to bed until almost 2am and then woke several times in the night. 

Needless to say we needed a recovery day and so we have been lazy today.  Isaac is gone this week with our church's youth group in Montana on a mission trip and Gabriel got to stay in Sioux Falls to go on a special camping trip this week with his Grandpa Johnson!

Because it is terribly hot here the kids wanted to fill the pool and play a bit - here is some of the fun I captured!

The best part is when the pool is filling....

In and out they would go.

I don't even know what Elijah was doing here....he looks like he is really serious though! ;)

What can I say...I LOVE seeing Karlena with a ponytail in....she looks so grown up!

I think Karlena stole his coin...serious business happening here folks!

Karlena has this old pan and she loves to fill it up and dump it on the patio....

And drink from it of course!

Nothing better than this is there??

I asked Elijah what he was doing....he said trying to start a fire!

He tried really hard for a long time....unfortunately the sticks were wet and there was no fire today!

Love seeing their sweet smiles.

How was your Sunday??

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