Saturday, June 23, 2012

Prayers for my Husband

Many of you may have heard already that Dominic had an accident this afternoon.  I posted a little about it on Facebook, but thought I would get into a little more detail here.

Today started out as a really good day...we got to sleep in (almost 8:30am!) Fed the kids breakfast, went down and did a workout together, I read a book and relaxed for awhile and Dominic was working on de-cluttering our garage.  We had plans to go over to some new friends' house for dinner with the family and I had made a new yummy dessert to try from Pinterest.

We have several bikes in our household. Bikes the kids currently ride and then extra bikes that they can grow into at various ages. But they were all down and taking up too much space in the garage.  So Dominic was trying to get them hung up on this wall in the garage.

I was in the house getting ready to go to our dinner and Isaac came in the house saying "He fell down"...I thought maybe he meant Elijah because we just got him new training wheels for Gabriel's old bike. So I asked if he meant Elijah and he said "No - Dad and you need to come out here"...

He wasn't able to put any pressure on his foot and he said he really felt like it was broken.  So Isaac helped get him up and we hopped him to the car and drove over to the ER. Thankfully there was this nice man who helped him into a wheelchair once we got there because I couldn't do it.

They got him set up and gave him some pain meds and then he had his foot, leg, elbow and arm x-rayed.  The doc came in and showed us the pictures and apparently his heel bone is broken and he believes he also has torn tendons and a couple of "misplaced" bones in his ankle or the top of his foot?  The swelling was bad enough that he couldn't verify that part for sure but said that he guessed that it would show once the swelling went down.

He was referred to an orthopedic surgeon in Sioux Falls. The one for Marshall only comes like once every 3 weeks. When he reviewed the x-rays he said that he wouldn't operate this weekend....that we would have to wait 10-14 days and that we should go home and manage Dominic's pain there.

I was a little freaked out by this because I can't really understand letting someone go home on their own after an injury like that....but apparently that is pretty standard and they said we could come back tonight if needed and they wouldn't charge us.

So that's where we sit. A bit of a waiting game now and we are praying that his pain is managed well and the swelling goes down faster than expected so we can schedule his surgery.  Our office is closed the Thursday and Friday after the 4th of July and it would be really nice if the surgery could be one of those days. (I know a long shot and a bit of my control showing there....but pray about it would you?!)

And not to end on a bummer note I have a couple of praises. 

Praise God that he wasn't more seriously hurt. The doc said that every other time he has seen an injury like this it also included a break in the back. At this point that seems unlikely. Doc said because he rolled to his side...that maybe saved his back.

Praise God that none of the kids were right there when it one else was hurt by the ladder or the bike he was holding.

Praise God that he didn't hit his head and suffer more serious damage.

Praise God that we have so many people praying on our behalf already...we can feel the prayers and are so grateful for your support. My mom drove up here tonight also to help in case we had to go back in and we have already had many people asking if we need help.

And Praise God that we have insurance and accident coverage. While our deductible is really high....we do have accident coverage that will hopefully fill in some of that gap. We are trusting that God will provide the in-between. My dad said something like any problem that can be fixed with money is a problem we can deal with....Dominic is still hear and although it is going to be a long road to least he is still here with us.

So thank you for your prayers and keep them coming. I will update here as I know more!


Rachel Lundy said...

Wow, I'm so sorry. I will be praying for your husband's recovery and for your family during this time. And I'll be praying that he will be able to have surgery on a day that your office is closed.

Genevieve Thul said...

I know that feeling - the money we can deal with, it is being here on earth as a family that is the blessing. We've faced massive financial repercussions due to big health issues in our family - two bouts of cancer and an out-of-the-blue brain infection for our daughter. But the bills, while stressful especially on our marriage, don't matter at the end of the day. The fact that you can still hold that person and tell them you love them is what matters. Will add this to our family prayer list.

Tracy said...

oh my goodness!! I'm so glad he's okay.

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