Monday, September 20, 2010

Just a few things....

Just a few of the things that we are doing and have been doing to get ready for this new change we have coming with Dominic's new job. At times I honestly feel a bit overwhelmed at everything that needs to be done or should be done or won't get done! :)  But I am trying to keep grounded and live in today - dealing with what we can today and letting tomorrow happen tomorrow!

We have the paint purchased and next week Dominic will be painting our entire basement, that along with finishing the painting I started in the upstairs laundry room will be the last "project" that we must complete in order to put our house on the market in the future.

We purchased a new garage door opener for the garage that houses the van which will soon become my primary source of transportation. I still drive my old faithful 1996 Camry but with miss Karlena coming soon I will need the van to transport our ever growing brood!  The garage door has been broken forever and we would like to get the new one installed sometime before winter approaches so that I can shut the door automatically instead of manually!

We have gotten a taste of what it will be like to send Isaac to college as we have had to borrow and thrift shop for some of the "extras" Dominic needed to furnish his new weekday "home". Many people have been generous with their things and we have found some great deals too. We got an awesome circa 1970's coffee table and end table from Y's Buys for just $17 and utensils and silverware from Savers for just $12! Dominic's brother had some furniture and dishes that he wasn't using currently so they helped him get everything to the new house a few weekends ago! Our final move day will be late next week. I haven't seen the house in person yet myself so I am excited to go and help make things more cozy for Dominic!

We did have to go and purchase a new bed and a laptop too. Dominic is "sacrificing" for me and letting me keep the new bed and he will be taking our 14 yr old mattress with him.  He is such a martyr huh?! :)  When we are all back together then Isaac will get the old mattress and replace the REALLY old one he has...all good for everyone!  And with the new laptop Dominic will be able to communicate via e-mail so we can always be in touch with each other.

I have lists everywhere to help me remember all that we need to send with him. I went to SAMS's this weekend so that I could buy all the stuff we use at home every day but can't easily "share" between houses like the soap and laundry detergent and garbage bags etc....our house is a disaster right now with MN "piles" everywhere!! We plan to go to the grocery store next week to get some of the smaller cooking items he might need. I think it will be weird for him not to have access to all the "stuff" we have in our cupboards and refrigerator right don't think about those things until you actually need them!!

Overall we are getting it all figured out...with lots of help and prayers from our family and friends! We so appreciate all of you and ask that you continue to lift us up.  The next few weeks are going to be especially hard. His last day of work is Friday and then the following week is going to fly by.  He starts the new job on October 4th and gets to dive right in with a 2 day training seminar that week!  On top of all that newness he has to study for a test that he will take the first weekend of November that will hopefully solidify his acceptance to practice law in the state of MN.  Please pray specifically about all of that and that everything would fall into place with that whole process. It has been lengthy and time consuming to say the least!

Thank you so much for your support and I will do my best to keep my blog updated with everything as it comes.  I have been terrible about keeping up with this lately but hopefully when things get into a routine I will have some more time then!  Have a great week!!


Anonymous said...

Kristin: Shopping at 2nd hand stores, garage sales and having friends & relatives "donate stuff" is how I've lived all my life. As a single mom for 24 years (my boys were 2 & 7 when divorced) that was our way to survive--plus I worked 2-3 jobs most of the time. And now that my kids are grown and gone and I'm now remarried but had a hubby who just had a stroke and had to retire I once again fall back on my old "saving" ways. It is a great asset to have. You make it sound like you think it is a bad thing--trust me in this economy purchasing 2nd had is smart. Good luck to you guys.

Kristin said...

I don't think thrift shopping is bad at all! :)(In fact all of my maternity clothes come from an awesome 2nd hand store in SF!!) We were thrilled to find the deals we did...seems silly to spend a fortune on new stuff if we don't need it as a family in 6 months or so! The coffee table was pretty outdated but for the price it will do just fine! I agree though in this economy we need to be more careful about how and where we spend our money! :)

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