Monday, January 10, 2011

A dress for a princess...

The last time that I went to visit Karlena in CO in September before she passed away we went to Once Upon A Child to look for some "girl" things.  Karlena was SO excited that we were having a girl...and naming her after her. She spoiled us with all of our kids and our little girl was no exception.

So when we saw this dress for only $6 we both knew she needed to have it. I remember Karlena telling me more than once that I had to make sure to take her photo in the dress and send it to her.

So this morning after her bath, I got little Karlena all  dressed up and snapped a few photos.  She was more awake than she often is and she just looked at me like "Why mom?".  I think that over the course of her lifetime there will be MANY more moments like this. :)

She is such a tiny little princess and it is times like today that I miss my dear friend even more. I KNOW she would have loved getting these photos in the mail....she would have hung them on her closet door so she could see them each morning. With each new moment like today I re-feel that loss in my life once again.

But I know that Kar is smiling down on us and loving my girl just the same. So friend - these photos are for you.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Beautiful baby--beautiful dress--beautiful friend and friendship. They are all blessings to be treasured.

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