Wednesday, February 9, 2011

3 little lions...

The top little lion is Gabriel. I bought this outfit for his first Halloween.

The second little lion is Elijah. Because they looked so similar I had to put him in the outfit too. The day I took this shot it was probably 90 degrees outside and he was sweating when we were done...but I wanted to compare with Gabriel's picture! We can see the similarities - can you?

This last little lion is Karlena! The only real difference I see is that she is a little less "orange" than the boys but I think they all have the same noses, lips and chins - don't you?  Sure makes me wonder what our girl will look like in a few years if she looks so much like her brothers at this age! :)


Miss said...

seriously...its like the same baby!!! =)

Mom said...

You could have just had triplets and only had to go through labor twice! I'm sure if you had a picture of Isaac in the same costume you'd have identical quadruplets!

BJ_Mama said...

this is soo adorable!!! I did the same thing with our kiddos in a pumpkin outfit! heheh
BTW, you now why I haven't commented very much on your posts??? I was never a follower!!! BLAST!

So sorry about that!

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