Monday, February 14, 2011

What happens when you clean closets??

What happens when you spend a majority of your day cleaning out a few closets??

Well for starters you throw away a TON of garbage. I think I had at least 4 garbage bags full and that didn't include the things that I am saving to give to Goodwill etc.

The feeling of such a sense of accomplishment afterwards because it felt so much less cluttered. We still have way too much stuff but it is much more organized...and I was able to put our vacuum away in a closet for the first time in YEARS!

The other thing that happens is you sometimes come across a few gems like the photos I am going to share below.

This photo is dated March of 1995. I am digging the big hair and bangs. But what is my absolute favorite about this photo is my matching outfit...right down to the burgundy leggings.
And I will be honest with you....this was my FAVORITE sweater and I wore it all the time! :) The snowflakes were this soft fuzzy mohair. I bought this whole outfit at Maurices...probably put it on layaway until I could pay for it, I did that a lot there!
Karlena - what a legacy your mom is leaving you! :) I hope my fashion sense has improved with age!

Let me preface this picture by apologizing to my husband....I am sorry but this was just too good not to share!
This was shortly after Isaac was born in 1996. What I love about this picture are the glasses that were the style in the late nineties (trust me I had some too!!) and the mustache that Dominic was apparently trying to grow. :)
Dear - what can I say you have definitely gotten more and more handsome..and much more hip with age! :)

This photo is Gabriel at 11 months. When I saw it I could see Elijah in the photo so much!

And this is Isaac with Gabriel. Except for the colic in his hair...Isaac then and Gabriel now share a striking resemblance!

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Kami said...

What a wonderful delight to find those pictures! I'm proud of you for all that you've done - how on earth can you get those closets cleaned with a newborn at home?! :) You're amazing! :)

Don't you just love those little treasures that hide in the back of our closets? Me too .. once the dust is cleaned off of them!

Love you!

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