Friday, April 1, 2011

Karlena's Dedication

I wanted to post a couple of pictures from the day of Karlena's dedication.  I really wish we would have taken the time to get a family picture...but we didn't :(

But my dad did take a few pictures for us while we were up front at church.

This is one of the only family shots we have...

Pastor Aaron always takes the babies and walks them around introducing them to the church.

I asked a woman from our church who makes cakes to do something for us. I think she did a wonderful job and the cake tasted awesome too!! Thanks so much Jeanne!!

Karlena in her pretty dress. This is the one that I posted about before that Kar boought for her. She has grown so much that it is almost too small for her. I think that I am going to get a shadow box and save it in a special display because it is so pretty!

A proud big brother. Gabriel just adores Karlena and is always saying just how beautiful she is. It is too sweet!

I love this shot of Elijah. It was taken at the end of that day and he has such an awesome grin!

The service was very special and something that we have done at that church specifically 3 times! Isaac was dedicated at the church Dominic and I were married in but the rest of our kids have been dedicated at First Baptist Church with the same Pastor!  It means so much to us to see familiar faces of friends and family who have supported us for so many years!

And it was a reminder to us that God has walked with us through many seasons of our lives and continues to guide us today, and for that we are very grateful!


Kami said...

What a beautiful dress, indeed! :) I think it's awesome that you dedicated Karlena! Ethan is being dedicated tomorrow, so I'm hoping to have pictures of that soon, too! :)

Hoping that you are finding this weekend to be relaxing already!

clare said...

What A beautiful family - I can't believe how tall Isaac is. He is so handsome.

Pastor Aaron said...

Great pics, great family! Can't wait for future news and life updates in your transitions.

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