Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Yesterday when I picked Gabriel up from school he told me this story...

"Mom, do you know what happened today?! We went to PE and Music and when we came back do you know what? Our room was a MESS!!! Mom, do you think that a teacher would make the room a mess?? NO WAY!! It was a leprechaun mom! Oh how I wish a leprechaun would come to our house!!"

So last night I went to our wonderful Dollar Tree and picked up a few things to surprise the kids with this morning!

 Gabriel was convinced a leprechaun came and set this all up....

 I found these cute little baskets in 2 packs and bought a few candy treats to give each of the kids. Karlena got a bag of iced animal crackers

 Dominic helped me decorate late last night and we put green streamers and gold star balloons around the table...that was of course a hit!

 Gabriel is pretty happy with the fake gold coins I found and put in their baskets!

 Elijah loved the "treats" and chocolates of course!

And Karlena can't get enough of her balloon! They still play with the balloons from Valentines Day so we knew these would be fun for all of them again!

And we had to have green pancakes for breakfast to top off the fun!

There is a parade in Marshall today at 3:17pm :) so we will be heading down for that later today.  Do you have anything fun planned for St Patrick's Day?!

1 comment:

Heather said...

you are such an awesome momma!!!! what a GREAT idea! :) And even more awesome that you're willing to put thought and effort into something like that at last min. and it will be a memory that the kids won't forget!

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