Sunday, April 14, 2013


It seems like I never post here any more.  I apologize to those of you still sticking with me! :) I thought I would give a few updates of what have been happening in the Smith home lately.

Isaac is on his way right now with our church's youth group to see Chris Tomlin in concert in Minneapolis. I am jealous. :)  He got his "official" driver's license in February and has been driving himself to school every day. It is nice. What's even nicer are those nights when I need to wrap something up at the office and he can run over and pick up Elijah and Karlena for me.

Gabriel is doing great in school and is still taking Shotokan karate through Marshall Community Services until mid-May. Recently he tested and received his orange belt! He is learning a lot and we are really proud of him! (Will post a picture after Tuesday when he has his gi on again) A few weeks ago Gabriel has his school concert and he had the part of a general. I was able to find this costume for him at our local Goodwill for less than $18 total!!

Elijah will be 4 in just over a month. I can hardly believe that. He is just getting so big and so much more grown up. He is ready for it to be nice outside so that he can ride his bike! I think we are all ready for it to be nice outside again!

Karlena is changing and growing more every day. She is getting so tall! When I was going to start this post I hear her yelling..."mama, I'm stuck, help me!" And I found this....

She likes to follow the kitties everywhere they go and got stuck under the chair! :)

I found some more clearance paint at Menards and started painting Karlena's room.  I did an accent wall in dark brown and the other 3 walls will be a tan (with no yellow undertones) :) Here is a sneak peak....

I LOVE it. The room does look a bit smaller now...but I don't mind. I like how it looks....they are very similar colors to what we had in her old room in Beresford....I guess it is nostalgia - but now all the walls will be fresh and clean again. And I have a ton of paint left over may have to use that for something else!

 I wrote a post about getting organized over at my other blog. I am even giving away a copy of the e-book I got to review - go check it out and enter before Thursday!!

The business is going great - busy and more busy. Dominic and I both are working at finding the right balance between work time and family time....but we are both so grateful for this amazing opportunity to work together and thank God for how He has blessed this so far.

Speaking of Dominic, it has been almost 10 months since his accident. He still walks with a pronounced limp and lots of pain every day. While he tries to remain positive about is frustrating and painful and frustrating. :(  He sees the surgeon in July...we have been talking about what options he might have....possibly removing all the hardware they put in to hold his heel together. The pain he has is exactly where the plate and screws are - not the heel....he is still so young and we feel like this can't be the best it can get. Please pray with us for clear answers!

We recently bought an elliptical machine. It is the one thing that the PT's encouraged him to use for exercise to work his foot with the least amount of impact. We knew it would be cheaper, and easier in the long run, for the whole family to have a machine at home instead of paying for gym memberships.  We are loving (and hating) it....but it is already getting well used. We are going to be one healthy family! :)

Wow - is anyone still with me?! This has gotten to be a long post! I guess that is what happens when you post once every 3 months huh?!  I hope you have a wonderful week and I will try to be back sooner than later!


Christine Wright said...

Your family is gorgeous! I'll pray that your husband will find answers - that must be so tough. Your son will LOVE Chris Tomlin - I saw him in Nov and it was the best concert I've ever seen. Love the picture of your daughter stuck in the chair! Too cute!! : )

Alecia Simersky said...

Hey Kristin, I haven't been over to this blog yet. It's nice your family is so beautiful! Your girl is too cute as well, I remember my own getting stuck many times and looking up at me so helpless...I miss those days..sort of :)

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