Saturday, May 4, 2013

Karate Tournament

Today Dominic and I traveled with Gabriel to Hutchinson, MN so that Gabriel could participate in his first karate tournament! He has been taking Shotokan Karate classes through our local community services program.  It was a fun and fairy inexpensive way for him to try out a new "sport" to see if he likes it.

He started this fall (I think??) and he has really progressed. He recently got his orange belt and we are so proud of him!

He participated in individual kata and team kata. (an exercise consisting of a sequence of the specific movements of a martial art, used in training and designed to show skill in technique)

He did SO good! He was nervous about it and wasn't sure initially if he even wanted to go. But I reminded him that no matter what his score/ranking we would be proud of him and that I thought he was brave for being willing to even try something new like this.

Basically it is a elimination type event. He was paired against another child his age range and ranking and then 2 perform at the same time. One person wins and then the winner/loser goes against other people until the all have placed.

In the individual kata he got 3rd place! I thought he did great and he was excited to get a medal!

Then he and 2 other people from his class performed in the team kata. This is where they all do the same kata together.

They did really good too!

They won their 1st round, and then their 2nd and then their 3rd and finally won the last round for 1st place!!  It was really exciting and fun to watch and Gabriel was so proud of himself!!

And VERY excited to have a 1st place medal!! He said that he had a great day. After he was done we found some little Mexican restaurant downtown for a late lunch that Gabriel thought was fancy because they played music and had silverware wrapped up in a napkin! ;)

It's the little things right?!  Congrats Gabriel on your awesome performance today. We are so very proud of you!!

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