Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gabriel "isms"

Gabriel just has a way with things. He cracks us up all the time with his funny faces and comments and he makes our hearts overflow with his sweetness.

He didn't really understand the reasons why mom's tummy was hurting this past week, but he knew that he couldn't sit on my lap and I couldn't pick him up. This is unusual for us, so he knew something was different even if he didn't know why.

For as long as I can remember one of the "isms" of Gabriel is that when he would sit in my lap he would ask me to "pet" him. I am pretty sure that he picked this up from learning how to be gentle and pet the kitties, and he has always used that word for it.

So when he is tired and cuddly he climbs up close to me and I "pet" him. He doesn't like scratches, he tells me so, but he likes soft "pets" on the arm.

So this week when I was recovering from my surgery and Gabriel had to be careful around me, he came over and told me that he would "pet" me and I would feel better. He was right.

I stayed home until Wednesday this week, but on Monday because it was cold out and I was bored decided to make homemade soup. It is easy really I just let some meat simmer on the stove the entire day stirring every once and awhile and added the veggies late in the afternoon. I love homemade soup!

Gabriel LOVES homemade soup too. It is probably the only thing that I make for dinner that he really enjoys. You should have seen him eat. He wanted his own bowl and after every bite would say "Mom, this is good soup mom", "I love it mom". Bowl after bowl he ate this soup. Green beans, corn, tomatoes, meat, he ate it all. He probably wouldn't eat those things separately if I begged him, but in the soup it is wonderful.

So for 3 nights now he has had my soup, he has loved my soup and he has made me feel happy! He had to take a shower after eating his soup because "it was all over his whole body mom"! Gotta love that!! If the rest of the family wouldn't get tired of it I would make it all the time - just for Gabriel's reaction! :)

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