Tuesday, April 28, 2009

37 Weeks - 20 days and counting!

I haven't posted in awhile about where things are at with my pregnancy because recently there hasn't been much change. And really there is still no change today - but I thought I would share regardless. I know that many of you probably have burning questions that have gone unanswered so I am going to attempt to answer them here!

Yes - I am counting down the days at this point. I really do want to go to my due date, it is good for the baby and good for my summer at home with the boys - so although I am very ready to meet our son I spend the time counting down the days to when that might be. My doctor said today that I am not progressing towards labor at all and she anticipates being right on target with our date of May 18th.

Yes - I feel and look like a GIANT meatball. My ever expanding belly and now the newest addition of sausage fingers and legs - help me to see that I am truly a walking meat market. Lovely!

Yes - I hurt in more places than I can mention and am trying my hardest to not complain about it. Gabriel has caught on though and worries that I will "never feel good again ever!"

Yes - I will be upset if I have to go to work after the 18th. My patience for waiting for my due date stops on the 18th! :) Although as I remember fondly back to my pregnancy with Gabriel and the questions every day like "Oh you are STILL here?" or "You haven't had that baby yet?" or "When are you due again?"

Yes - those questions, if they come, may just push me to the brink of insanity - but not of course until after the 18th, until then I am counting the days.

Yes - I still believe that this pregnancy is a miracle and I am enjoying every kick, turn and hiccup. I know that once he is here I will miss those feelings and so I am trying not to take it for granted at all!

Yes - I am very excited about Beth's due date also. I check my phone every time I get up in the middle of the night just to see if she has left me a message and I know that she is even more excited than I am about her daughter's arrival!

Yes - I am a little worried about the size of this baby. My doctor said today she guesses (because we all know it isn't an exact science) that he is 7.5lbs right now. Hopefully she is also correct in that he might not pack on too much extra weight in the next 20 days. Isaac was 8 lbs 15oz and Gabriel 7lbs 5oz. Somewhere in between would be manageable I would think!

Yes - I know that right now we really have it easy and our lives are going to dramatically change in hopefully 20 days. Are we prepared? I think so - as much as we can be, and we are trusting God with the rest at this point.

Yes - I think this is going to be a difficult transition for Gabriel. I think we are going to see jealousy rear its ugly head and I am already trying to think of ways to make Gabriel feel special during this time.

Yes - that is about all I have. I would ask for prayers for both Beth and I for our deliveries and also the health of our little ones! Have a great week!

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