Monday, July 27, 2009

Last week at home

I can't believe it has gone this fast. 10 weeks down and 1 left until I have to go back to work. I really am feeling so sad about this. I don't really remember how it was with the other 2 boys. Our daycare provider told me that she remembers me having a hard time with Gabriel if that is the case I know that this too shall pass.

But I can't help but wish for something different. I am grateful that I have such a good job to go back to. And I have wonderful co-workers that are caring and support me. That is a blessing in itself these days!

But when you have spent hours and hours with a beautiful new baby for 10 weeks, the thought of leaving him with someone else for 9 hours each day is difficult for me. Elijah will be going to the same daycare that Isaac and Gabriel went to as kids. We trust Kari and her staff and know that they will do a good job. And there are a few retired ladies from the community that come in each week just to rock babies. Really who could ask for a better environment right?

But....there's always that but right?! :) I guess this time with Elijah has been less stressful than I remember with the other boys. He has his really fussy times at night, but I think I am less stressed as a whole and so those things don't bother me like they might have before. I have been more aware of how precious the time is with him this time around I think.

I also have enjoyed getting up in the morning, not having to rush to get ready, making pancakes for breakfast for the boys, getting laundry done, doing a workout (sometimes)...just being a mom. It has been fun and I have enjoyed every day.

Please pray that my heart will be prepared for next Monday. That Elijah will have a smooth transition with his new daycare and that I won't feel over guilty for leaving him each day. And pray that I am able to function as a working adult with the sleep that I am getting. Elijah has to get up to eat every 3 hours so I am up a couple of times throughout the night. I am fine while at home but I am not taxing my brain like I will at work! Overall I just ask that you pray for our family as we begin another new "normal" routine. I trust that God will be with us as we go.

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