Friday, July 31, 2009

Our new deck!

I wanted to share some photos of our new deck that Dominic built for us! It is a thing of beauty and something that he worked very hard on. Each of those spindles alone took several hours to cut and place on the railing. It looks so good now that it is finished and I am excited to have a place where people can gather and feel safe! I wish that I had taken pictures of the old deck - but trust me when I say it was unsafe and quite spongy. Many of the boards on the old deck were just plain rotted through so this project was a long time coming!

The first picture - with Gabriel being a goof - is our back stairway that leads out to our garages.

The second picture gives you an idea of how big this deck is. It is wonderfully big. A little larger than the old one and without the wrap around bench like the old one had it feels that much bigger. Dominic has already started the process of making us some small benches that we can have to sit on but can move or put away during the winter. He is becoming quite the carpenter!

The last picture is the front stairway. Since that picture was taken he also mounted our new mailbox so with that the project is complete! And what a project it was. There were many hours of cutting, measuring and working with power tools to get this done and I am so grateful for all of his hard work. Isaac and my dad helped also, but Dominic really did a majority of the work here and we have something beautiful to enjoy now for years to come!

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Norma said...

Hi Kristin! Dominic sent me a link to your blog so I could see the deck. However, I got to reading and looking at all the photos and next thing I knew, half the morning was gone already. You have such a talent for writing! You kept my interest and I just wanted to keep reading!

Oh, and the deck - very nice! He has been describing the progress, and it is every bit as nice as he has described it.

Your boys are very handsome!

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