Monday, December 6, 2010

I am SO proud!!!!

I am just so very proud of my husband that I needed to take just a minute and brag him up a bit here!! It has been 9 weeks since Dominic started his new job up in Tyler MN. It has been a very stressful time for all of us and every time a weekend is over it is so difficult to leave each other. But we are pressing forward with prayer and faith and God is granting us much peace during this time.

Part of the change with a new employer was passing the MPRE – which is an ethics test for attorneys and a portion of each State’s Bar requirement. He needed to get a scaled score of an 85 to be able to practice in the State of Minnesota. So during the first 5 weeks of his employment, while living away from home and trying to learn a new position, he also spent hours and hours and hours studying for this test which he took on November 5th.

As I understand it this was one of those tests where the questions are so tricky and sometimes logical thinking doesn’t get you to the correct answer. Dominic was not feeling great about the test when he was done and then we had to wait almost 5 weeks to get his score results! And as an added pressure, the next available date that he could retake the test if necessary was the same day we are all scheduled to fly out to Florida for a vacation with my whole family. So he has been waiting and praying that he would at least get the 85 that he needed to be eligible to continue moving forward in licensure in Minnesota.

Today we finally got the news and he not only did well – he hit it out of the park with a score of 111!!! When I called to tell him the news he almost didn’t believe is probably still settling in! I couldn’t be a more proud wife. He worked so hard and we prayed and prayed about this and when I called him today he said “God gets the glory on this one”!

I know that many of you were praying with us and for us during this time and we are so grateful. We both know that God had His hand in this and we continued to be excited about what will happen next. Dominic still has to apply to the MN Bar so every hurdle isn’t yet complete – but this was a HUGE step in the process of moving forward with this new job.

Thank God for good news!! Have a wonderful week!!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Congratulations! You're having an exciting couple of months with your hubbys job transfer, him passing, and soon your sweet baby girl! :)

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