Saturday, December 25, 2010


This sweet gift is such a joy to have here finally!  But with the addition of another family member comes many adjustments.

Karlena has such a wonderful disposition. Overall she is calm and snuggly. It is so much fun to just cuddle her in your arms and nap while she naps....which seems like a lot of the day!  I took a nap with her yesterday morning and then Dominic got some chair time with her in the afternoon.

She is having trouble nursing though and that has been my biggest challenge so far. With all of the other boys I never really had any trouble and so this is frsutrating for me.  Being able to provide for my daughter is something that I want to do - but she is being a little uncooperative! :)  I am determined to keep trying and hopefully we can figure it out.

At this point she won't nurse unless I am standing and walking around with her.  Sometimes I can sit for a few minutes but typically she gets fussy and struggles and I have to stand up again.  She has lost almost a 1/2 a pound since she was born and as tiny as she seems already I don't want that to continue.

So on Monday we will be heading back to the doctor for a weight check to see if she has at least stabalized...please pray about this for us. I feel inadequate about the whole thing.

Besides that the only other thing I struggle with is sharing her.  I feel jealous when I have to let others hold her. :)  Dominic hasn't had near enough cuddle time with her and he will have to leave on Wednesday again for a few days so I know that I need to share her more. I am trying, but there is something so wonderful about having a newborn in your arms!

The other adjustment we have had is with Elijah.  At 19 months he is feeling the change in the family too.  Last night in the middle of the night I found myself in my recliner with Elijah on one side of me and Karlena in the other arm.  I have to make sure that I am making time for him too so that he knows he hasn't been replaced!

And the first time that I picked him up after holding Karlena I couldn't believe how heavy he seemed.  When you have just held a 6 1/2lb baby a 30lb toddler seems huge! :)  And changing the diaper of a toddler is such a different experience from a tiny baby too.  We have never had 2 in diapers before so we are getting used to that as well.

All in all we are doing well. It is hard to believe at times that she is here.  On Thursday we had the opportunity to go and introduce her to "Big Karlena's" family including her husband and son.  That was such an awesome experience. I just wish Kar had been there in person too. She would have adored her namesake.

Kerry - her husband - gave us a very special gift. Karlena had a Bible that she brought with her everywhere. He gifted that to our daughter in the hopes that some day it would be a treasure to her as it was his wife.  Overwhelming.

I am honored to be given the opportunity to be Karlena's mother and just thank each of you for walking with us as we do our best to instill God's word in her heart. Have a Merry Christmas!


Tracy said...

I'll be praying for the breastfeeding issues. I know how frustrating they can be. Its so hard to try to get it figured out sometimes.

Miss said...

what a beautiful baby! Congratulations!!

I had trouble nursing Tad too...I was able to squeak out 3 months...but barley.

I will pray for you!

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