Saturday, August 25, 2012

After Surgery Update

Well we are fully two months since Dominic's accident. Some days it is hard to believe it has gone so fast and others it is the opposite. But he is making great progress and for the first time today I watched as he walked without crutches!

He is still wearing his boot and will be for quite some time...but he is allowed to start walking on it a little.  The surgeon said that as he walks on it more the swelling should go down a little. And Dominic said it is pretty great having the freedom to walk again without having to use assistance.

They took some new x-rays on Wednesday when he saw the surgeon and it is pretty crazy to know that there are that many screws in such a small space.

This is the side view....

And the view from the back of his heel!  Pictures are coming through a little blurry but he has 10 screws total!

So I guess this means if we ever fly again he will be setting off some alarms as we go through security?! :)

We are so grateful for everyone who supported and encouraged us the past 2 months....things are so much better for him today than they were even a month ago. It is encouraging to see him walking a little again and I am confident that will continue to improve over time as well.

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