Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fun day with family!

This weekend was Sounds of Summer in Marshall again. So my parents came up to visit and brought my niece Isabel with too!

We went out to the Rotary Club pancake feed and had Mickey Mouse pancakes and sausage patties! The kids loved that. And then we watched the little planes they had take off and land.

 Gabriel got to ride in the basket crane again. He was the last ride before they shut down!!

 Elijah and Isabel...they are both so adorable together.

 Here they are sitting in this power parachute thing.  It was pretty a little buggy with a parachute attached to it.

 The kids were wishing they could have had a ride! :)

 This is the best picture I could get of Karlena this morning....she was being a bit of a stinker!

 Gabriel "posing" by the only plane left out.

 And of course the two cousins saying cheese!

Then after some naps we headed down the block to see the parade.  Our friend Molly always lets us park in her front lawn. Thanks so much Molly we always feel like we have the best seats in the house!
 Elijah was ready with his bag to catch some candy!

 Even Karlena got in on the fun. She had so many tootsie rolls that hour we were surprised that she even wanted dinner later.

 Isabel really had a good time. She was collecting candy left and right!! And even shared it with her cousins!! She is such a good little girl!

 In one part of the parade there was this wooden car and it stalled right by where we were sitting so my dad jumped up and started helping push it....and even Isaac joined in the fun!

At one point my dad was waving and everything!! :) I still don't know if they got it started!

We had a great visit. It is always fun having people come and see if you are ever in the area please give us a call!!

1 comment:

Kami said...

It looks like you guys had a ton of fun! :) Love it!

Miss you - can't wait for October!!!

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