Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Gabriel!


Oh my how the years are catching up to me. How is it possible that our middle son is already 9 years old today?
 Sorry terribly blurry picture....but it was the best I had of the bunch. (I am still learning the settings on my camera!!)
Gabriel really wanted a cookie cake and the one that grandpa and grandma brought was perfect...and yummy...and gone now :(
 Gabriel is such a great kid....so thoughtful and caring and such a light for God. He got a new Bible from my parents and he was so happy about it and very seriously said to them "Thank you for giving me God's word"... :)
 He also LOVES Pokemon and was excited to get a new game for his DS!
And he got these as well...they are called Magic Nuddles. They are like colored "popcorn peanuts" and you just slightly wet the end and they stick together and you can make just about anything from them. And the best part is when you are done (if you wanted) you could dissolve them with water for the easiest cleanup ever!  Great choice Beth! :)
That and some cold hard cash that came in the mail today and my boy is one happy camper!! :) He has been talking about his birthday for days....every day he would tell me how many days left until his actual birthday....wanting to know how we were going to celebrate etc!
We couldn't be happier for the blessing that Gabriel is to our family. Every day he says or does something that makes me smile and makes me proud. Thank you God for allowing us to take care of Gabriel here on earth. Our lives are better because of it!
We love you Gabriel - have a wonderful birthday!

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