Monday, October 15, 2012

Quick Thoughts

Once again I have not taken time to blog frequently. It is just a busy season for us...and while even I am tired of that excuse....I appreciate your grace as we muddle through!
I thought I would just share a few random things from our recent weeks and also have a prayer request for you too!
Gabriel turns 9 tomorrow. In a little bit of denial about it :) and actually wrote a short birthday post in advance that I will share tomorrow.
Elijah and Karlena both came down with the fastest moving flu bug this family has ever had. Missed part of work today to be home with them in the morning. All good now and as back to normal as they can be. Praying no one else gets it!!
I am attending Women of Faith this weekend with some very special ladies. I cannot wait. There are some big new changes this year and I have heard it is amazing. And I am hoping to be able to meet Angie Smith in person this year....may just be camping out at her signing table! ;) Can't wait to share more after the weekend is over.
I am addicted to painting. In the past few weeks I have painted our bathroom, hallway, front entryway, back hallway and started on the laundry room. I am out of control. 2 gallons of paint and I can't stop....the change is remarkable and I can't wait to post pictures.
Today I found out that I won a gift certificate for a new Baby Be Blessed doll! I am soooo excited and can't wait to order this one for my new niece that is due here in December! They are handmade dolls and you can have their names and a Bible verse printed on a patch on their tummies. Check out their website and see for yourself how adorable they are! I don't win things very often so this is a huge blessing!
We had family pictures taken a few weeks ago and just got the CD back. They turned out great. Karlena didn't really participate...but it is her age. In one of the pictures I am standing a little weird, (I wore a long maxi dress) and the way my dress was sitting and I was standing I look 6 months pregnant. Yikes!! That one will not be  in the Christmas cards. :) All the rest were great though!
God is working on some things in my life right now and it is difficult and challenging. I know that this too is a growing experience but it starts with having to deal with some of my own fears and failures....and as usual, I find that I trust God with most things....but keep at bay those things that I think I can control.  Thankfully He is patient with me and I trust that as I walk through this He will be glorified in the end.
My grandparents also were hit by the flu bug this weekend and unfortunately my grandma is now in the hospital.  She was so sick that she became dehydrated very quickly and needed IV fluids to help her. She could be in the hospital for a few days. I know we would all appreciate prayers on her behalf.
It is after 11pm now and all I can think it that I should go and keep painting because I really want the laundry room done. I need help. Serious help and fast!! :)
Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

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