Monday, December 31, 2012

What a Year - 2012

I have enjoyed reading all of the re-cap posts from other bloggers 2012...and decided that it would be fun to do one on my own.  This year has had its share of big ups and downs....but we are entering 2013 stronger and more reliant on God...He has been faithful to us this year that's for sure!

January started with the very unexpected news that my 13yr position with the bank was being outsourced and I was for the first time, unemployed...Even then I could see that the beginning of 2012 was going to be an Adventure in Faith.

February was just one of this months that I was reminded of the generosity of others...and also reminded that God is caring for my specific needs.  I still don't know who gave that Anonymous Gift...but I remain grateful today.

March started with the news that little Isaac from our old church family had gone to be with Jesus after a short but tough battle of JMML. I grieved for his parents as I sought myself to understand the whys of something like this. But was reminded at his service Who is the ONLY hope.

In April I was finally able to share some Exciting News in our family, with the start of Dominic's new business, Legal Estate Planning Solutions, PLLC.

In May, my adorable little nephew Gavin joined the family. He is such a joy and it is so fun to look back at how tiny he once was!!

June was the month we titled "Go Big or Stay Home"...after Dominic's 15ft fall from a ladder and broken heel.  While he continues to recover slowly we are so grateful that his accident wasn't much worse!

In July we had lots of updates along with Dominic's heel surgery, the discovery of Gavin's Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and the news that my brother Mark and his wife Mindi were having a baby girl!!

In August Dominic's new sign at his business was installed...and he was able to get back to work after 8 long weeks of recovery at home!

September was filled with lots of home improvement projects and LOTS of painting and I shared my $5 bathroom makeover!

Dominic's parents came to visit us one weekend in October and we spent some time carving pumpkins before Halloween...boy did we have fun!!

In November I shared a little about how I was feeling Overwhelmed. And gave you a glimpse into my crazy, unrealistic to-do list that I had made for myself!

The greatest joy in December was the birth of Mark and Mindi's daughter Adalyn.(Which I haven't blogged about yet because I haven't asked for permission to share pics etc....but I will, ask that is) and our girl celebrated her 2nd birthday and I shared the fun Birthday Tree that we had up for her this year.

Phew...I am exhausted just looking back at how much has happened this year! There were so many things that I didn't "record" and wished I had....but I am grateful that through this entire year God has been walking with us and I know that 2013 won't be any different!

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