Thursday, June 26, 2008

First time for everything

Well I have done it...I have entered the age of blogging. I have to admit that up until several months ago I had no idea what blogging was. It wasn't until I had cause to read a blog of a very special "web-friend" Angie that I came to understand what this was all about.

I have added Angie's blog site as a link here so that if you feel the need to be inspired that you might go over and check her out. She is an amazing woman, mother and writer. She has inspired me to try and do the same. To make a record - for myself, for my kids, of the journey that we have been on. It is a journey of faith. One that isn't easy to tell at times. One that I am not always proud of - but one that has brought me here. A journey that is filled with the grace of God time and time again. I am so very grateful to have a God in my life that loves me - in spite of me. That calls me to Him even when I run away and that forgives me even when I don't deserve it. It amazes me when I think of it.

If you, like me, have found yourself on a journey of faith - I encourage you to keep moving forward. Press into the Savior that loves you and feel His presence. I am confident that He is walking with each of us on whatever path we are on.

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