Tuesday, November 4, 2008

12 weeks and counting!

Today we had our 12-week doctors appointment. I almost can’t believe that we will be starting the second trimester. Although I am not really feeling any better and I am starting to get more headaches I am trilled to know that up to this point everything is going as it should.

This has been a tough few weeks for me because I am in that in-between phase – where besides feeling sick, I don’t look too pregnant yet and I can’t feel the baby moving yet – so it still almost seems surreal to me.

But each visit comes with reassurance that things are just fine. The heart rate today was 165bpm, and although I can’t tell, the doctor said that it sounded good – no problems. I shared how I was dealing with this anxiety about things being ok and she said “Don’t worry so much about things – just trust God with this little one”.

And she is right – that is what I need to be doing. Trusting that God is taking good care of this new addition to the Smith home. Know that whatever happens – good and bad – He is there to walk with us and I should spend more time trusting that He has us in His care!
Today I am so thankful once again that I am experiencing this miracle – Thank you God!

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