Monday, November 17, 2008


Have you ever had one of those times where you have felt very convicted about something? Where it seems like God is trying to send you a message through others?

Well I have been going through one of those times recently! Several weeks ago I posted about Dominic’s comment about limiting the time we spend watching TV. And I shared how this thought initially makes me a little “uneasy” as I have become so accustomed to having the TV on at all times.

Wouldn’t you know that since then I have seen articles on the internet about the very topic, received e-mails from Family Life Today titled “What are you letting your children watch when you watch TV”, read of other bloggers who have had 2 years of a TV free environment and most recently listed to our pastor give a sermon and challenge us to where we are spending our time.

Alright already – I get the message! Although still hesitant I find myself more and more becoming critical of the sitcoms you see on TV now. Most, even those at 7pm, use inappropriate language, send messages about relationships and dating etc that I don’t want Isaac to be seeing as an example and although funny at times, overall just don’t do anything to add to our overall quality of life. Now Food Network and HGTV on the other hand…..

Justify, justify, justify! It is so easy for me to justify.

I still can’t honestly say the TV is going off for good – but once again I am feeling very convicted about how we are spending our time, what we are allowing our kids to see and what impact that is having on our family.

This week I have a big “to-do” list to complete in preparation for Thanksgiving at our house next Thursday, so I may be able to pull myself away from the TV a little more in the next couple of days.

I am no “Superwoman” here and don’t claim to know it all – much really, but it is interesting to me the ways in which God challenges me. And I know that even if I am resistant He will still be finding ways to work on my heart. Thankfully He is patient!

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