Wednesday, December 3, 2008

16 weeks!!

Well I can hardly believe it but another 4 weeks has passed and we are now 16 weeks into this pregnancy! We had our appointment yesterday and got to hear the heart beat again. Something I will never grow tired of I think! It was hard to find at first because our little one kept kicking and the doctor would lose the sound, but finally she was able to get it at 145bpm.

I am still trying to guess whether this baby will be a boy or a girl – without the official ultrasound test. Although I like the idea of the surprise at the end I am feeling like a child on Christmas morning, too excited to wait for mom and dad to wake up to tear into all the presents. So I want to “shake the box” a little and try and guess what it will be without knowing for sure.

So I have enlisted the help of some very reliable (ha-ha) gender predictor tests and have come up with the following…

Chinese Gender Chart – it’s a boy

Gender Heart rate Theory – it’s a girl (although I remember Gabriel’s heart rate right around 142)

Wedding Ring Test – it’s a girl

Babyzone Gender Predictor Test – it’s a boy

So as you can see by these very scientific methods unless I am having twins, which I am NOT, I am no closer to knowing what our little package will be in May! For now I am just loving the fact that I get to be excited about the unknown and trying to practice a little patience in the process!

So what’s your guess for the next Smith family member?

The Smith Family Journey

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