Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Well I just got back from our ultrasound and although we are still waiting for the "final" results from the radiologist everything that we saw looked good.

The baby has a 4-chamber heart.
The stomach, kidneys and bladder looked good.
All the legs and arms had the appropriate bones in it.
The spine looked good and we could see the brain.
The face looked good and there isn't a cleft palate problem.
The heart rate was 140, 149 at the following doctors visit.
The baby weighed 11oz and is growing at the appropriate rate.
The amniotic fluid around the baby was good and the placenta was in a good place.
We got some really good photos of the baby's profile usually with the little hands around the face.
She got a photo of the baby's footprint and my doctor said that just by looking at the size of the footprint we were going to have a tall baby.
She said that the baby would most likely take after Dominic in height, and in other ways too! :)
That's right - our SON was not too modest and had no problem sharing his "parts" with us. We have a picture in case anyone wants proof! :)

Dominic said that if she showed us the view and I could tell if it was a boy or a girl then it was ok if I knew....Well she showed us the shot and I saw it right away - Dominic didn't see it the first time and we didn't take a picture of it...but at the end she asked again if he wanted to see it himself and try to figure it out and it was quite obvious. Our son is ALL BOY!!

He was moving and kicking (Dominic commented that he was boxing) and actually flipped completely around at one point and the tech had to really work to get the photos she needed but it was a fun experience and it was so good to see that everything looks healthy.

Now we have the dilemma of agreeing on boy names - I had a girl name but not a boy one yet. We better get to work! :)

Anyways we both are very excited – I honestly just feel giddy right now and so thankful to have this good news right before Christmas!

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