Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Half way done!

I can hardly believe it – but this week I am at the half-way point with this pregnancy! Already I am so excited for our little man’s arrival – not that I am hoping he comes sooner than May – but I can’t wait for those “new baby” experiences!

I know that Dominic’s preference was to not find out our baby’s gender and he gave that up for me – but I have to say there is something really fun about knowing that I am carrying our son. Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones, but I am enjoying it all so much.

And if I ever doubted, it has been confirmed in the past couple of days that our son is going to be a feisty little guy! He has been kicking and moving around so much and Dominic was able to feel him move a few days ago! It is all pretty amazing. Knowing how small he really is right now and yet feeling the force behind some of his kicks – WOW!

And it has been fun documenting my growing belly. Dominic takes my picture every week and at some point I am going to print them all off and get them into this really cool album Karlena gave to me to track my entire pregnancy! With as fast as this first 20 weeks has gone I better get going – May 18th will be here sooner than I realize!

There is one member of our family that isn’t enjoying mom’s growing belly though. Gabriel gets a little stressed at times when we talk about how my belly is growing. He is afraid that it is hurting me and does not want to see my belly get big. He started crying one day when he saw a picture of another mom’s pregnant belly! He kept saying to me “I am so sorry mom that it hurts”!! It was too funny – we try and reassure him that it doesn’t hurt me but he seems unconvinced! And he still likes to sit on my lap…that is going to become increasingly more difficult very soon!

Aside from that – the boys are excited about welcoming another brother into the family. Isaac asks all the time what week I am at and wants to know how things are going with the baby. He got a kick out of the ultrasound pictures too! I am so glad Isaac is happy about a new baby, especially at his age this could have gone the other way and it is good to know that he wants this as much as we do!

Now I wanted to share a little humor from my pregnancy thus far – I do have to warn you though this may classify as one of those TMI (too much information) situations. So if you don’t want to share in the sometimes-scary details of my personal life – STOP READING NOW!

So one of the “problems” I have had throughout the past 20 weeks has to do with the increased pressure on my bladder – our little man loves to lay really low – and varying “acts” which seem to bring on a slight incontinence problem. Yes that’s right I said it…..I seem to have a problem of peeing myself at inopportune times. The first time happened when I had terrible morning sickness and was spending another moment familiarizing myself with the minute details of my toilet. Recently though, it occurred when I had a sneezing fit. I don’t know if this is a problem because of the pregnancy and the fact that I have already had 2 kids or if I am just moving towards a reliance on Depends at an early age. I hope it is the first!

And as an update – again for all who care to know – I shared the content of this post with Dominic prior to my posting it and he wanted to know where his TMI button was! I told him that as my loving and accepting spouse – he doesn’t get one. No detail is off limit for me to share with him…no matter how gross. Gotta love having a relationship like that!

Anyways, I am learning to laugh at myself through this and to appreciate all of the things that I am experiencing throughout this pregnancy! Thank God for the gift of laughter!

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