Friday, April 30, 2010

A Message From My Dad.....

I just got this e-mail forwarded from my mom and I wanted to share it with you! I couldn't say it any better myself!

This was the best of all days here in Jeramie. It was the completion of the circle that was started in August of last year. It is amazing to think that from that first little launch we had in August that the food we packed then would end up in a village 2o miles from Jeramie, Haiti. We left this morning for the one and a half hour trip to Carrefour Prince. (Prince's Crossing.) A health post was underway, run by one of the 55 Haitian Health Foundation community agents. Children were getting updated on their shots, pregnant moms were evaluated, and there were examinations for the sick. When all was complete, it was time for the distribution of the food. We had about 3 boxes of KAH food (almost 650 meals). Eight bags had been cooked up in advance and was ready to hand out. Bowls of all sizes came from nowhere. The top from a plastic thermos jug was handed to me and was filled with our chicken flavored meal. Green leaves from a local plant served as plates and were fine for a portion of the meal we prepared.

It was overwhelming for me to see the joy in their faces. When the cooked portion was gone, we handed out the remaining bagged meals to the families.  It is hard to believe that the same meals we blessed in a packing before Christmas would be the same ones here today. Now every day when a health agent goes out to a village, a box or two of KAH meals will go along with them. They will be given to all to enjoy.

You people that have been my support for the past 8 months have done a magnificent job. I want to ask Kathy Kooima to forward this to all of those people on the pack leaders list. We could not have done what we did today without their help.

The work continues here in Haiti and the other places at home that we send our food to. The best news of all is that the system works. We are feeding the hungry in our own neighborhoods as well as the starving here in Jeramie, Haiti. The Haitians say that "nobody listens to the poor or to the sound of a wooden bell". You have to really think about that one for awhile, but a wooden bell doesn't get anyone's attention.

You have heard the soft ring of a wooden bell and responded. Thanks to each and everyone of you. I wish you could have been with me today.


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