Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"There is Nothing Greater Than Grace"

So I have said it before but I will say it again….I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Singing. If I had the voice, and the time and the opportunity, I would love to sing professionally. One of those dreams I always had growing up….that and being a professional ice skater, which hasn’t happened either….so I am batting zero here…but anyway!

On the few mornings that Dominic and I don’t ride together I can usually be seen with the radio cranked up and in full blown “professional singer” mode. We are talking praising the Lord BIG TIME driving down the road! Doesn’t everyone use their cell phone as a pretend microphone??....oh me neither!! :)

Anywho….one of my super favorite groups is Point of Grace. And they have yet another song that continues to rock me to the core….so welcome to another edition of sharing song lyrics that touch my heart.

"There is Nothing Greater Than Grace"

What do you say to someone who feels like they lost it all

Over the edge – with no one there to break their fall.

And what do you say to someone who feels so unloved

Giving themselves away a little bit everyday just to be good enough.

And what do you say to a hopeless soul who can’t remember their way home

And everything is out of their control.


There is no valley

There is no darkness

There is no sorrow

Greater than the grace of Jesus

There is no moment

There is no distance

There is no heartbreak

He can’t take you through

So before you think that you’re too lost to save

Remember there is nothing greater than grace.

What do you say to someone whose life is on the line

And they’re unsure what happens after their last breath in time

And what do you say to someone who’s built a wall you can’t break through

And it’s so hard for them to see the truth.

What do you say to a life of regret that’s trying so hard to forget

What do you say to dreams unmet?


Don’t lose heart

Don’t let go

Don’t give up

You are not alone

What a wonderful reminder….we are not alone. It doesn’t matter what we might be going through. God is with us. Hold to that this week and feel His peace in everything that you face!


Amanda said...

Love that song!! I heard that singing is praying twice. Or something like that. You know what I mean. LOVE that you shout your heart out to the Lord!!


Sal B said...

Thank you Jesus for your unending Grace!!! We are so blessed!

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