Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday fun

It has been a blessing that we get to have a long weekend...with clean-up yesterday and more projects after church this afternoon a day of relaxing is in good order.

One of the pictures I forgot to share in a earlier post was the one of some of the hail stones that Isaac and cousin Casey collected after the storm on Friday.

In the center of the photo is a quarter!! I can't believe that we didn't have more damage!!

While Dominic and Isaac worked on some projects to organize and clean up our garage the rest of the kids relaxed and watched a movie.

Karlena was all smiles in her excersaucer.

Gabriel wasn't thrilled about having his photo taken when he was chillin' but gave me this smile by accident!!

Elijah was all about posing and asked me to take his picture. What a ham!!

Then he proceeded to do his favorite activity...exploring his nasal cavities...

Look grandma and grandpa - I am ambidextrous!! He sure makes a mother proud!!

Maybe there is something to be said about a mother who takes photos of such activities and then posts them in a blog...hmmm

Anyways....we hope that your 4th is relaxing as well. God Bless!!

1 comment:

mom said...

Wouldn't you feel awful if this came back to haunt him when he applies for his first job :)

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