Friday, January 6, 2012

Without A Voice

It has been a couple of tough days here in the Smith household.

It started with Elijah feeling under the weather all weekend. We spent the New Years inside because he was not in any condition to go anywhere.  By Tuesday he seemed to be doing better and they went to school/daycare while I went to work.

By Tuesday afternoon he was really coughing badly and so I brought him into the doctor. He had an ear infection so once we got him on meds he seemed to quickly improve.

Wednesday afternoon Karlena started to get sick and I have been home with her the past two days.  I took her in this morning after a very rough night with little sleep and the poor girl has croup and an ear infection.

To top it all off I have had a cold and now have lost my voice. Any talking of any length causes me to cough - so I am trying to avoid it as much as possible.

It is a strange place to be without a voice. Especially when you have a very "spirited" 2 1/2 year old at home! ;)  Who really has a hard time listening to mom when she can't raise her voice!

And with that I have no energy. I have had 2 days to take down the Christmas tree (I know yikes that it is still up!) and instead I have just been relaxing. Probably what I need now - but I annoy myself just a little. I like to be more productive than that!

Hopefully we are turning the corner with all of this though and no one else gets sick! I would appreciate any prayers for health and energy to return to our family!

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