Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gabriel - alternately titled "Confessions of a tooth crazed mother"

This is Gabriel. My fun loving 6 year old son.

This is Gabriel showing off his snaggle tooth. The tooth that he WON'T let me pull out.  I have become obsessed with this tooth of his...at least that is what Dominic tells me.  I am still in denial over all of it.

Gabriel lost one of his 2 front teeth on Saturday. He bit into a snack he was eating and knocked it loose enough that I was able to pull it out.  The other big front tooth is also loose and now without the support from tooth #1 is hanging slightly crooked in the front of his mouth.  Every night I ask if I can pull it out.  I guess it isn't quite ready, but I am still willing to try!! :)  He has a dentist appointment tomorrow....I secretly hope that they "bump" it out on accident and we can put this whole tooth fiasco behind us. Is that terrible of me?! :)

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