Monday, March 14, 2011

Things You'll Discover When You Vacation with Your Entire Family

We just got back from a wonderful vacation with my parents, brother and sister and their families. We all stayed in a house together and really had a good time! On one of the flights home I was thinking about some of the things I learned about travelling together and specifically for our family with 4 children!  So this post really is more for me and my memories...but feel free to read if you are interested!

  • Even when you try and pack light you will inevitably over pack!
  • Putting full outfits together in ziploc bags for each child makes getting ready in the morning much easier. (Thanks mom for the idea!)
  • Often the youngest children don't get the memo that vacation means sleeping in and wake everyone up with their exuberant running at 6:30am. (Elijah you know who you are!)
  • If you happen to be travelling with an infant that is still nursing (and won't take a bottle) your schedule will revolve around feedings every 2-3 hrs.
  • If you will be nursing in public places and are nervous about privacy like I was...look into purchasing a nursing tank from Undercover Mama. It is a tank-like top that attaches to any nursing bra and keeps the mid-section covered when you need to nurse. I am in LOVE with these and purchased a couple more to wear everyday.
  • When you travel with a large family you are constantly checking to make sure that everyone is still with your group - especially in crowded places like airports and amusement parks!
  • If you are anything like me patience is a MUST and I didn't ever have enough of it!! Dominic commented that it seemed a common theme at Disney. Parents all over telling their kids to keep up or stop fighting...even at the happiest place on earth, things aren't always so happy! :)
  • When there are 6 people in the family to get ready in the morning, even with an early start, you will likely cause others to wait for you. Let's face it - I might as well accept the fact that we will always be running late and not get so stressed about it when it happens.
  • Renting a house with a pool is a HUGE bonus! Not only did we save money on hotel costs but we were able to have our meals all together as a family and each family had their own "private" space as well.
  • Taking LOTS of pictures was a must. I am so glad that I could use that as my excuse not to ride the scary rides! :) Karlena and the camera...that was all I needed!
  • Spending time with your parents, siblings and their families like this is something every family should do! This vacation was just the thing to help us all reconnect again!
  • Having a good quality sling was invaluable. I used a ring sling in the airport and plane rides and carried Karlena all day in a snugglie-like front carrier at the parks. She enjoyed that much more than riding in the stroller.
  • Date night with the husband may often be found in trips to the local Walmart!! :)
  • If you have a GPS system and are renting a car - bring it with. It may get you off track when you try and visit the outlet mall but usually it is a huge benefit to have along. (Pretty sure it was the GPS and not the wrong address that was the problem on said trip!)
  • If you plan to vacation and visit WDW buy a week long park hopper. In 6 days we didn't see half of what we could have seen, but we also didn't have the pressure of cramming it all into 1 day so we enjoyed our time much more.
  • Changing a diaper in the airplane bathroom with even the slightest bit of turbulence is a trip in itself....enough said!
  • And above all HAVE FUN! My dad has always said that on vacation "anything goes". The kids love this and really never tried to take advantage of it at all. They recognized that this whole week was a special gift and enjoyed every moment of it.
It was such a blessing to be able to celebrate 40 years of marriage with a trip like this. Mom and Dad we are all so grateful and blessed to be a part of this family! Thank you for everything!!

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Kami said...

What a blessing! I love taking trips with extended family. It sounds like you're adapting to being a family of six quite well! I'm sure you enjoyed some of that warmer weather, too! :)

Glad it was so wonderful for you (and maybe, just maybe your patience was a little bit tested, but it sounds like you passed!).

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