Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vacation Part 1

We are in Florida this week as a whole family to celebrate my parent's 40th wedding anniversary that was this past August! We are staying all in a rented house together and have our own pool. The kids and the adults are loving it and we are having a great time!

We also have week passes to Disney and our first day we spent at Disney's Animal Kingdom!

This is the Tree of Life that you see when you first come into the park. It is huge and has all these animals carved into the tree trunk. Really amazing!
Karlena is with us but at the time we first came in she was all strapped into the stroller and very content so we just had my dad take a shot of the rest of our family.

Gabriel was SUPER excited about this ride. It was a roller coaster that went around and through this mountain. I am not a big ride fan so I was on little child duty and the rest of the big boys went on this ride and Gabriel said it was "Awesome"!!

This was Elijah during the parade. He was wiped out! I am just grateful that he sleeps well just about anywhere!

Mickey in the jungle parade

Karlena sound asleep in grandma's arms!

Part 2 etc to follow!!

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