Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

To say that I was anxious about today for the kids is an understatement. Since we took the leap of faith and moved this was one of the days that I was both looking forward to and worried about.

I knew that once school started the boys would hopefully meet some friends, but I also knew that starting out in a new district would be difficult.

Gabriel was all ready to start 2nd grade. He told me he was a little nervous though and wondered if anyone would talk to him.

Insert the sound of mom's breaking heart. I was absolutely crying once I got home from dropping him off. Lots and lots of prayers were said all day long for both of them.

It was around noon when I realized that Isaac would be having lunch soon and probably wouldn't have someone he "knew" to sit with.  I said more prayers then....I can't imagine starting high school and not recognizing anyone in your classes.

They are both very brave in my eyes. It takes courage to tread in unknown waters. To walk down crowded hallways and not recognize anyone. I am so proud of them both.

Gabriel said he had a great day. He didn't get in trouble(his words) and got to have a cheeseburger for lunch - Score! 

Isaac wasn't late for any of his classes and said that they have "real" food here for that is a good thing! The worst part is probably that it seems like everyone else has someone that they know...which makes the whole high-school transition easier.

We will get there. Hopefully before long school and the people there will feel like "home" like the rest of Marshall does. Until then the prayers will continue to be sent up!

How was your "first day" experience? Or if you haven't had it you have fears/worries that I could pray about for you? God Bless friends!

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