Monday, August 1, 2011

Bath Time

Today Karlena took her first "real" bath! I know she is 7 months already but she either took a shower or a bath on this seat thing we had for the tub.  Today though she sat in the water all on her own.

She wasn't sure it was for her...

Unlike her brothers, she hardly splashed at all!!

She was more interested in her hands and how they looked under the water!

I did manage to get one smile from her!

And she tried to stop the water from draining out! Maybe tomorrow she will get into it a little more!

Happy Monday from our little duckie! :)

1 comment:

Clare said...

What a little doll. She loves showing off those new teeth. I can just smell that clean baby smell. I sure miss it and I miss you. Can't wait until Louisa & Andy come to us with news of a new baby in the family. tee hee. I'm afraid that is going to be awhile so I am patiently waiting. Andy said when he's 25. That's next year. :)

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