Thursday, November 3, 2011


We do take our kids out trick-or-treating every year. I know that the roots of Halloween are "dark" and I don't want to get into a big discussion here about whether or not it is ok to participate in the "holiday". I think that every parent needs to make that choice for themselves and I am not here to judge what you choose.

I do know that as Christians we can take the opportunity to be light in these types of situations. Jesus didn't close his door, shut off his light and hide from sin in this world. Instead he walked with sinners, ate with them and found ways to encourage them with His light. As a sinner myself I am grateful that others have done this with me in my life!

We try to use that as our example. Find ways to reach out to others - talk with strangers who are out with their kids. Greet and thank those handing out candy. One year a family was handing out Milky Way bars and they had a sticker on them that said "Jesus is the Way". It was clever and a nice way to spread a little light.

Our kids don't see anything "evil" in the evening - for them it is all about dressing up in fun clothes and getting free candy! This year I found this adorable lion costume at Once Upon a Child for Elijah.

He hated the hood though and would rather have been wearing his cowboy hat!

I had so much fun watching him this year. He would say "Mom, I'll be right back - I go to door to do trick-or-treating". And then he would say thank you and Happy Halloween. I laughed and laughed until my sides hurt at how precious he was.

Gabriel wore his Iron man costume again - but yesterday for Awana they had Pirate Night so he had this on for that.

It was great seeing all the kids at Awana having pirate fun! And Gabriel recited all the books of the New Testament and got his "jewel" and was really excited.

We put Karlena in her $2.50 garage-sale-find costume for just a little bit,

She hated the hat but we put her in the stroller and pushed her around our block and she seemed to enjoy that.

She is our little pumpkin!

I can't believe it is already November. We have a busy month ahead and hopefully will find some time to reflect on all of the things that we have to be thankful for this month. The list is LONG and our hearts are greatful for all that God continues to do in our family.

Have a blessed day!

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Kami said...

How is it that simple costumes put on children are so simply adorable?! :)

Love it!

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