Monday, November 28, 2011

A Visit to the Farm...Christmas Tree Farm!

So I LOVE decorating for Christmas. It is a little over the top but when I was a little girl my mom and grandparents etc bought each of us kids an ornament for Christmas. I have carried this tradition onto my family and as a result we have a massive amount of ornaments.

One tree just won't cover it. We have an artificial tree in our front room but I have always loved real trees and heard about a cut-your-own tree farm about 30 miles from our home.

So right after church yesterday we headed out to Belview MN and Iverson's Tree Farm! Apparently they have some 40,000 trees. I think we saw 38,000 of them! :)

The kids enjoyed looking at all the trees while we tried to figure out what we wanted.

We came to a conclusion pretty early on that we liked the Blue Spruce tree. It just had that unique color.

Isn't it pretty?!

The problem was that we saw about 100 trees that we thought were "pretty good" and we just couldn't figure out which one was perfect for our space.

At about hour 2 (I am seriously not kidding -  we really had a hard time deciding) Elijah had to go potty. Because he is potty trained, and we had no toilet, we first tried the "natural" pee outside way which he was NOT having. So we put a diaper on him and pleaded with him that he use that. He wasn't about it...not our best parenting moment that is for sure!!

But we finally decided on the right tree and Dominic and Isaac went to the task of cutting it down.

I guess judging the height of Isaac and the height of the tree should have given us an indication that we maybe went a little large here.

Dominic hard at work trimming the branches off the bottom.

And somehow they were able to get it tied up on top of the van.  As we went back to pay for the tree the guy helping there says to Dominic... "I always wonder when I see a tree that size how the people are going to get it in the house"

Hmmm...good question!! :)

But of course my guys won't let a little thing like the size of an entryway stop them. And once they had it in and set up it we realized just how big this tree was....

It is enormous!! But we love it! And hopefully by tomorrow we will have all the lights on it so that we can decorate it. I started with the lights last night and got tired so I stopped. Dominic said he will finish it for me!  I will share pics when we are done!

Even though it was a lot harder to choose than we thought we had a good time. Next year (if we do this again) we will pack a lunch, a portable toilet and borrow a truck from someone to make the experience even better! :)

So do you do a real tree or an artificial tree or both?!


ropcorn said...

What a fun way to get a tree, even if it took a while to find the right one for you guys. But still, I think it will be a great memory for the children. And the tree does looks gorgeous!

I have an artificial one at home. :-)

Kami said...

I love that the tree is so enormous! I think it is full of character!

We have an artificial tree, but this is the first year that we've used one. We've always bought a tree from a lot (can you say "Menards"?!) and always end up with the Charlie Brown tree, so this year we decided that we were going to go artificial ... and we LOVE it! :)

Merry Christmas, sweet friend!

Chell said...

I love real trees! It is beautiful!!

Naomi said...

I love a Blue Spruce and wish we had them here to cut! They smell so good especially when they are cut fresh. Don't know if we'll cut a tree this year or not (you are way ahead of us) - we get a permit and cut one off of National Forest land when we do. It is such a fun thing to do! Can't wait to see it all decorated.

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