Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweater and a "Praise Jesus"

Today at youth group the kids had an ugly sweater party and a white elephant exchange. I am sure Isaac thought he would get away with going in his "normal" clothes...but not when he has me as his mother! ;)

So I got a men's sweater from the thrift store and went to work!  I made the Christmas tree from another old sweater vest, used a saltine cracker for the trunk, added marshmallows as ornaments - topped with candy sprinkles, cotton balls for snow and made little presents! Gabriel even drew the star for me!!


Then I realized that it was missing just 1 thing....sound! :) So I went and got a bag of jingle bells and attached them so when he walked he jingled!!

And yes - he won first prize for ugliest sweater!! YAY!!


In other "news", Dominic has been making homemade crosses for each of the boys. They are all a little different and Elijah's is finished.


He calls it his "Praise Jesus"!!

Don't you love that?!

He was so excited that it was finished that he carried it around with him all night! I think he even took it to bed with him!

And it is perfect for this time of year because although we celebrate the birth of a Saviour - it inevitably points us to the cross, and the reason Jesus was sent here at Christmas in the first place. Hopefully as we all get busy these last few days we can stop and remember the sacrifice made for us so many years ago!

Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

TanyaLea said...

Okay, when you said on FB that his ugly sweater 'may or may not contain soda crackers, marshmallows and glue' {...or something along those lines!} I just KNEW I had to see this thing! And YES ~ it most definitely deserves 1st PRIZE!!! :) Tooooooo funny! LOL!

And how precious that your little one is loving his cross and even took it to bed with him. I love his sweet lil' heart for Jesus!!

What a beautiful post and a wonderful reminder of what Christmas is really all about, and how it inevitably does point to the cross! <><

Blessings and Hugs to you this Christmas!!


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