Monday, June 17, 2013


There are these amazing rose bushes in the back of our home. They are probably overgrown but the past 2 years they have produced some beautiful flowers.

This past fall Dominic cut them down a bit and it seems that wherever he cut stopped growing, but in places he didn't cut, tons more buds erupted! (Is this normal??) I know nothing about pruning/taking care of rose bushes!!

And I have no idea what "kind" of rose this isn't the traditional rose that you find in a flower shop!

Aren't they pretty??

This is common to see 4-5 buds on a branch in a clump like that.

We have some more "established" growth...

And some new...I think these bloomed into the later part of the summer last year if I remember correctly!

Do you have roses and how do you take care of them? Do you know the secret to cutting them back each year? I'd love to hear what you know! :) 

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Ceil said...

Hi Kristin!

Those look like some beautiful blooms. I do have roses, and I cut them back in the fall, so the stalks are about two feet or so. If you want taller roses, don't cut them back quite that far.

Looks like whatever you are doing, it's working!

Peace in Christ,

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