Friday, July 25, 2008

My Grandma

My grandma is a woman who never complains, who is always happy to see you, who is very caring and considerate of others. She struggles with arthritis and other medical issues, but you wouldn't know how bad it was, she always has that positive attitude - even when she has the "right" not to. It is admirable, something that I can't seem to master, but something that I hope to learn from.

Right now she is getting out of the hospital, she has been very sick again and I worry about her. She is a small woman, and these bouts have been difficult on her body. If you have a prayer list - please add Grandma Betty to it.

She turned 80 last year and I wrote a poem in honor of her. I wanted to post it here - to share it with you. I encourage you to find a way to honor those in your family. We don't know how many opportunities we will have to tell those we love, that we love them. Grandma - my prayers are with you for a quick recovery. I love you.

Grandmas come from a special place
Have a loving touch and a warm embrace
They seem to know your every need
And try to fill it, yes indeed!
A grandma has a unique way
Of cheering up the saddest day
She cleans our wounds and dries our tears
She reassures even our smallest fears
She keeps us safe and keeps us warm
She’s weathered every single storm
That God has sent her in this life
She’s been through pain and been through strife
She’s an example of how to live with grace
She always has a smile on her face
She’s taught us how to say our prayers
And to give to God all of our cares
What a legacy she will achieve
A love for God, to her family she’ll leave
And once she became a “great-grandma”
She was even greater still
It seems there isn’t any need
A great grandma couldn’t fill
We are so proud that we can say
We’ve loved our grandma who is 80 today
She been a part of so many things
We thank God for the joy she brings
To those of us who are touched to be
A part of her extended family!

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