Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday!

On one of the blogs I love to read “MckMamma” has created a “Not me Monday” post. Each week she shares she shares truths about her life in a creative format that is honesty at its funniest. She encourages others to join in the fun and I decided to try it out this week. For a look at how it is done at its best check out her blog above!

For starters I “did not” spend a half hour writing this “Not Me Monday” post when I was at work instead of doing actual work because I was having a hard time getting focused after our long weekend. No Way – Not Me!!

While we were rearranging rooms on Sunday in an effort to make way for our newest addition I “did not” knowingly leave Gabriel unattended upstairs where I “did not” know that he was bringing DVD cases upstairs from the basement to make a racetrack for his cars in the upstairs living room– and I “did not” consider denying that I knew he was doing this when Dominic asked if I was aware of what Gabriel had done!! No Not Me!!

During that same time I also “did not”, in total disgust of all of the clutter in our home, throw out things that maybe I should have saved, like a slightly water damaged but adorable photo of Isaac when he was just born, or papers that I had been saving from when Isaac was in Kindergarten. I would NEVER do such a thing – what mother would do that??

And last night, before we headed to bed, I “did not” in anger at our little dog who barked like crazy while outside who also tied herself up around the smallest of ice chunks and made me walk on the deck in my pajamas and socked feet, tell her that she was the stupidest dog ever! She is too cute and I would NEVER do that!!

While having lunch today with my good friend Jen I “did not” buy a cookie just because the nice cashier asked if I wanted one and I “did not” eat the whole thing even though I was stuffed and didn’t really want it, and I most certainly “did not” eat a strawberry fruit roll up right before I left to have lunch just because I was bored. What kind of weirdo would do that? Not Me!!

And finally I “did not” for the 300th time almost pee my pants when I once again had waited too long to go to the bathroom because I was trying to finish this blog post, No Not Me – because after all of my 299 other almost accidents I most definitely would have learned my lesson and gone to the bathroom before the situation turned into an emergency!

See how much fun that can be?! I encourage you to think about all of your “Not Me” moments and even if you don’t share them with someone – have a good laugh over them anyways!

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Amy said...

i just did my first not me yesterday too. i think the way to do mr linky is to copy the code on the side of Mck Mamas blog under the not me picture

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