Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Once again – thanks to the genius of MckMamma – I am participating in another installment of the Not Me Monday. A lighthearted way to be honest about things that we surely “did not” do! Enjoy – and consider trying yourself!!

When running late for work last week and having to drop off Gabriel at daycare – I “did not” start pulling out of the garage and have my very responsible 5 year old say “Mom I need to put on my seatbelt first!” Certainly a mother such as myself would know the importance of safety even if only going 2 blocks to the daycare and would NOT do that!!

Another morning last week while again driving to work I “did not” get so involved in the music I was singing along to that I couldn’t believe I was already to town and realized I wasn’t aware of what was happening on the road around me – I am a much better and more safe driver than that!

I “did not” take out our tweezers from our medicine cabinet and promptly drop it into the toilet where I “did not” have to reach my hand way in to retrieve it and then after a quick wash and very little sterilization – “did not” go ahead and use it and put it back where it belonged. I mean Gross – who would do such a thing??

After hearing a funny sound in our furnace room and realizing it was coming from the sump pump hole, I “did not” discover that yet another son of mine has a fascination with throwing things into the hole, LOTS of things, that may have lead to the pump not working properly. I “do not” leave my children unsupervised where opportunities for such deviant behavior can occur – no “NOT ME”!!

And finally due to yet another bathroom emergency I “did not” run downstairs this morning when my husband was in the shower upstairs only to discover a little too late that the toilet paper was all gone. I “did not” proceed to push open the door with a fish net I “did not” find under the sink and I “did not” try and yell upstairs to my kids for help. My screams “were not” ignored and I “did not” have to sit there for over 5 minutes until my husband finally came out and heard me coming to my rescue. And in my frustration I “did not” get angry at my oldest for “ignoring” me and also not taking care of restocking the toilet paper in his bathroom. I mean who should be more responsible him or me?!
I am sure there is a lot more things that I "did not" do this past week - but this will have to do for now! Happy Monday!

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