Wednesday, March 4, 2009

29 weeks

At times I really can’t believe that I am already at 29 weeks and other days I am ready to be done. Partly because I can’t wait to see our little man, but also because I feel that I am running out of space to grow him anymore! He seems to be filling every inch of my belly – thus the continued fear of my becoming a big meatball from Gabriel! :)

I saw my doctor today and everything looks good. I am measuring at 30 weeks instead of 29 – but she didn’t seem concerned about that at this point. Makes me wonder though if he is going to make an appearance sooner than expected??

So I will pose that question to you – my due date is May 18th – but does anyone have a guess as to what it will actually be?! Regardless of when he finally makes his grand appearance I am feeling so very blessed to be able to have this journey - aches, pains, kicks, giant meatball scares and all. God is good!!

1 comment:

Clare said...

I'm going with May 14th - That is a very good day to have a new baby in the family. My brother and my cousin both were born on that day.

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