Friday, December 11, 2009

This Little Light of Mine, I'm Gonna Let it Shine

We were driving around our little town and saw a house with a cross wrapped in lights. My handy and inventive husband thought we (meaning he) might be able to come up with something similar...but better..of course right?! :)
So he built the above 7ft cross, drilled out 348 little holes and after a little white paint, he pryed lights into each of the holes and what we have left is a brilliant, shining reminder of what Christmas is all about in our front yard!
Because really Christmas isn't just about the manger, the baby, a star and some wisemen. Truth is none of that would had been necessary if this wasn't a fallen world. God knew that by sending His Son to earth as a baby, to live as a man, that His ultimate fate was the cross. He knew that His Son would pay the sacrifice for our sins and He chose to send His Son anyway.
So this Christmas don't just focus on the birth, but also the death of Christ on the cross. The cross is a reminder to me and to all of us that the atonement for our sins was already paid. That is the true gift of Christmas!


Amanda said...

AWESOME!!!! This is amazing!!! Your handy hubby is TALENTED!!! I LOVE this expression of peace and glory!!! Praise God for you and your family!


SJB said...

Your house is beautifully decorated. I love the cross. Just had to check out your blog - did you see we were one of the 6 that won something on MckMama's Six Suitcase giveaway?!?! YAY!!! Have a Merry Christmas :)

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