Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More updates!!

I had a chance to go and visit my dad over the lunch hour today and he is looking so much better! Thank you all for your prayers...they are definitely working!

He was up and eating lunch and even walked my mom and I to the elevator! It is such a relief to see him looking good and laughing.  Such a change from even a few days ago!

He still has his chest tube in but they did take an x-ray this morning and we are hoping that it might be taken out later today. He was just waiting for confirmation from the surgeon that his lung looked good.

The pain is becoming more bearable and things like a cough or a hiccup don't hurt quite as bad as they did. Just another bit of proof that God is healing him...slowly but surely!

I don't know why it has to take bad things like this to remind us of all the things to be grateful for...but our whole family is just so happy that this wasn't much worse. So grateful that we could be together - all of us -last week and grateful that our dad is getting better and will recover from this accident. Praise God!

Oh and one last thing.....If you ride a motorcycle or a scooter or a 4-wheeler for that matter. WEAR A HELMET!! No hairdo is worth your life. I know that would be my reason...no longer! I am not a big bike rider....but if I do - I won't go without a helmet. They can save lives people!! (stepping off soapbox) :):)


Kami said...

I'm a big advocate of wearing a helmet all the time, so I love that you posted this! What a blessing that your dad is healing so wonderfully ... God is good!!

MAC said...

We are so glad to hear that he is recovering! We are thankful that we were there too last weekend, to be together as a family.

Amanda said...

Oh you are a hoot. LOVE LOVE LOVE good news about your dad!! Yay!

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