Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Anonymous Gift

"All the things in this world are gifts and signs of God's love to us. The whole world is a love letter from God" ~ Peter Kreeft

It is in my nature to be a giver I think. I enjoy being able to give gifts to others, or help out a person(s) in need, to give without expecting anything in return.  It is not as easy though for me to receive.

I am sure it is my pride. I want to be able to say that I can take care of it and I didn't have to ask for help.  It is a lesson that God has been teaching me the past few weeks.  Teaching me how to be humble and grateful and willing to accept a "gift" when it has been given to me.

Today was another one of those times.

When I went to get the kids from daycare I was talking with Markel and before I left she says to me that someone paid for the next 2 weeks of our daycare costs.

Excuse me?!

So she says it again....and I start to cry (of course!!) She says someone contacted her and asked what we pay for a weeks worth of child care and said they would be sending her a check. And she has promised to keep the donor anonymous.

I am just overwhelmed here.  I don't know that I can find the right words to express the depth of my gratitude that someone would do this for our family.  I don't understand it and the prideful part of my heart is frustrated that we would even need it in the first place.

But overall I am feeling so humbled and amazed at God's faithfulness.

You see the past week has been especially tough for me.  I have allowed my mind to focus on the negative and I had stopped believing that God's faithfulness could extend to our family. I was upset about our circumstances and tired of trying to act positive.  I was certain that things would not be ok.

Boy does it take a lot of energy to be mad at God!  I knew the truth but because I couldn't see it or tangibly feel it in MY time, I fought against it.

But in spite of me and my pride and anger God showed up in the form of this beautiful anonymous giver.  The Body of Christ in its truest sense.

I don't know who you are...or if you even read here and I wish that I could say thank you in person...but since I can't I hope that you know that this means more than you could possibly know.

And when we are in the position again we will pay the gift forward - until then I am praising God for His Body of believers.



Valerie said...

what an amazing gift! Angels work in mysterious ways, don't they???

Jess :) said...

That just gave me chills! Love how the Lord works...just we want to give up (in a sense). So AWESOME!!! Still praying, sweet friend! Don't forget...you are SO loved!

Sarah said...

That is AWESOME! Wow! What an encouragement that must have been! God is good, even when we are frustrated or mad at him!! :-)

black tag diaries said...

wow. that is awesome! i love how the lord works and uses others to spur us on and encourage us... even when we need it most. thanks for sharing this story! {new follower}

Sal B said...

What an awesome, amazing gift. Our family, too, was deeply blessed this past Christmas season. We struggle with a lot of issues as well, and God just totally takes care of us. I just LOVE how He works. We got in our van after a surprise birthday party in Dec., only to find a $50 gift card to Walmart for groceries. WOW!

THEN.....we were gone to a Christmas party on Christmas Eve and got home late. We walked in the house and my daughter just screamed! I thought we got robbed! lol I walked into the living room where she was and saw that our TV was on. There was a big card hanging from the TV that said, "Merry Christmas Baas Family, From Santa." A brand new Wii game center was set up on our TV. We were astonished that someone would do that for us! I also felt guilt too though, so I can relate to your feelings girl. But it's so wonderful to be thought of and cared for. What an amazing God we serve!

Tracy said...

wow. that is amzing!

BJ_Mama said...

HOW AMAZING! God is SO GOOD! Sounds like you've given someone a gift already and they are repaying the favor to you :)

Most call me Elizabeth, one calls me Honey, three call me Momma... said...

Lovin your blog still. Thanks for sharing your life and Gods work! Praying for God's richest grace mercy and blessings my blog sister. Love, elizabeth

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