Friday, May 21, 2010

Urgent - Please Pray For My Dad!!!

Tonight I got a call from my mom...when the first words you hear are "You dad is ok...but..." you start to freak out a little....ok a LOT!!

Apparently my dad got on his scooter to take a quick trip to Lowe's at about 8:30pm. Eye witnesses said that a red vehicle cut him off and he swerved into the passing lane of the road and the scooter went over.  He was probably going between 30-35mph.

He wasn't conscious when the people stopped and called 911.  It just so happens that my sister Beth was driving down the same road at that time and saw this red scooter in the road and the ambulance and tried to call my dad. When he didn't answer she called my mom and she confirmed that my dad had indeed been on his scooter and she knew right away that it was him being loaded onto the ambulance. So Beth was able to get to the hospital right away when he was brought in.

They have now done a CT scan of his head and thankfully he doesn't appear to have any swelling or internal bleeding. But he did break 5 ribs and a couple of those ribs in 2 places. They were putting a chest tube in at last call and he will be admitted to the hospital and staying for several days.

We are all praising God that his injuries weren't more serious, but he will have a long recovery journey ahead of him.  He doesn't remember anything about the accident and is still having some short term memory loss at this point....which I guess is common for an injury like his. Thankfully he was wearing his helmet - it could have been much worse.

So please say a prayer for my dad. That God continues to protect him, that nothing more serious comes of this and that he has a quick recovery and that his memory would be fully restored.  Above all we are all grateful that he is alive and his injuries are not life threatening. I will share more info here as I have it.

Dad we love you and are praying for both you and mom.

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